Thursday, January 15, 2009

Glass Study - by Jamison Orten

One day Jamison just wanted to do a still life, and of glass no less. Glass is very difficult to do. But I think he did very well, how about you, feel free to comment below.


cindyo said...

I was impressed by how realisticly you drew the glass vases. I also liked your shading and color choices.

Noel Lance said...

Jamison great job! Looking at your work, those glass vases almost look real. I like how you drew the reflection of the vases on the table.
Love Grandpa

Auntie N said...

wow! This is so well done. I noticed your teacher said that glass is difficult to draw. And, you did it!

Auntie N

ps Take a look at this art. Maybe someday, we'll be checking out your art.