Thursday, May 28, 2009

Miles at Work

Artist at Work!

Star Wars Monster (series)

Miles did a really great skin texture on this monster. Miles tends to put great "action" or violence in his drawings, as with this one; the victim in the corner was added.

General Grievous

This is my favorite of Miles' Star Wars Monster series. I has a stylized quality that is easy to appreciate. I think Grievous is Miles' favorite monster also.

Star Wars Monster - Having Lunch

Miles did this terrific monster, with pencil and illustrator's pen. He is really quite remarkable. If you want to know anything Star Wars related just ask Miles, he will know.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Miles is into detail, and it took him several weeks to complete this drawing of a Carnatour ( which I spelled wrong, sorry! ). He really knows his stuff when it comes to dinosaurs! Can you believe he is eight, just about to turn nine! Stay tuned for more work by Miles Smith.

Traveling Spiderman Style!

The detail and time spent on this drawing by Bridger McDonald is amazing! Excellent job, I am particularly drawn to the streets below.


Bridger McDonald, is into Spiderman has worked hard to increase his skills. I think this really captures the mood of this downtrodden moment in the film. Bridger has a high commitment level to art.